We help to keep the overview and to make the right decisions

Heylog facilitates communication in logistics by connecting and efficiently managing suitable communication channels for the exchange of information. Communication with drivers, subcontractors and customers thus becomes easier and clearer.


Fewer problems - more focus on day-to-day business

Experience shows that internal as well as external stakeholders along the supply chain - drivers, subcontractors and customers - are not sufficiently involved in ongoing transportation communication. This results in errors, unclear communication and gaps in workflows.

We help dispatch reliably share information internally and externally by solving the following problems:

Lack of overview of chats, shipments and documents from the various channels

No current information on location and transport order from the driver

Manual translation and formulation of messages

Time-consuming analysis and development of action protocols for the team

No information about the current location of the shipment or the foreseeable time of arrival (ETA).

One connection for all communication channels

Stay in touch with drivers, subcontractors and customers - regardless of the channels they use. Heylog provides a unique connection between your communication channels.

With Heylog you get a communication solution that guarantees simple processes along your supply chain.

Heylog improves your transport communication processes

Up to 25% time savings per shipment

With integration of relevant communication channels, team features, live translation in 17+ languages, automated workflows & more, Heylog keeps you on top of things.

Paperless transports, fast completion

Drivers can take care of their transports thanks to Heylog and transmit all relevant information such as order status updates, acceptance documents and locations with just a few clicks.

In the best connection with all parties involved

Because the entire dispatch team is involved in ongoing communications, drivers, outside subcontractors and customers can count on getting quick answers and information, no matter what channel they use.

Solutions for every challenge

Simple document management

Manage all relevant documents related to a trip securely and easily with Heylog.

Data protection compliant communication

All exchanged information is encrypted and processed according to high security standards.

Automatic translation function

Flawless communication with your drivers in over 17+ different languages.

Application and data servers in EU

The entire Heylog infrastructure is operated in the European Union.

Live locations

By sharing individual locations and using the live location function, you always know where your shipment is currently located. For more visibility along the supply chain.

Work together as a team

Communicate with your drivers as a team and never miss a message again - even if a colleague is on vacation.

Individual workflows (optional)

Heylog can also send and receive messages automatically if desired. Through so-called "workflows" we make ongoing communication even easier.

Interface (API)
for integration

You can use Heylog as a standalone application, but you can also easily integrate it with existing TMS, telematics or third-party providers.

Data archive

All information and files are assigned to shipments and stored centrally by Heylog.

Heylog is not a part-time solution - stay in touch with your drivers at all times.

Keep the conversation going with your drivers. No matter where or when questions arise, respond in minutes from your smartphone. You can now download the Heylog Dispo app for Android on Google Play * and for iOS in the Apple AppStore for free.

Optimize delivery times and minimize problems along the supply chain. Answer your drivers' questions quickly from anywhere.

Communicate on the go via one platform - no need to switch to individual messengers.

All chats and contacts from your Heylog desktop version in one app.

Download now for free, sign up and continue chats.

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Selected opinions about Heylog

"Heylog makes life easier for drivers and reduces communication barriers in day-to-day logistics operations"

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"We use Heylog every day. It makes our everyday life much easier."

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Frequently asked questions

Do drivers need to install a new app?

No. One of our goals with Heylog is to make communication as easy and stress-free as possible for drivers.

That's why Heylog doesn't have an app that drivers have to install. Instead, drivers receive either a QR code or a text message to get started communicating immediately via WhatsApp & Co. , while dispatchers use Heylog for ongoing communication.

Is the data transmission secure?

Yes. All data is stored by Heylog securely and encrypted on application and data servers in the European Union under high security standards.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, we want to give all our customers the opportunity to test Heylog without any obligation to understand if and how we can best fit into their everyday life. If you are interested in finding out how Heylog works, you can contact our sales team.

Does Heylog provide an overview of all current transports and shipments?

Yes. Heylog is easy to use and perfect for keeping track of your conversations and shipments - from order taking to delivery.

How many dispatchers can be added to Heylog?

As many as you want. We'll help you find the ideal setup for your team so you can work together on the ongoing shipments and conversations.

Does Heylog offer a mobile app as well?

Currently, Heylog is optimized for desktop use, however we are currently working on a mobile app so you can access and continue important conversations on the go.

Do you have any questions?

Elias Eshaghbeigi will be very happy to help you.

Everyday life in logistics is complex enough

Make the right decisions quickly with Heylog

We help you stay on top of things by collecting, organizing, and analyzing all ongoing driver conversations, from any messaging service, in one central location for you to make the right decisions every time.

Heylog is the communication service for modern logistics. We help to keep the overview and to make the right decisions.
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