Career at Heylog:
Change logistics with us

We are the communication service for modern logistics

Together, we aim to simplify communication along the supply chain and provide transport managers with the tools to manage their shipments successfully and efficiently. Therefore, we collect, organize and analyze conversations from the different channels in Heylog to enable fast and error-free communication between dispatchers and drivers.

Jobs at Heylog

We are looking for people who want to solve relevant problems in the logistics industry in an international and motivated team of experts and enthusiasts. Your role at Heylog is not listed here?

Send us your unsolicited application with your proposed role to We look forward to hearing from you!

About Heylog

Heylog was founded in early 2022 by our CEO and Founder Bernhard Hauser in cooperation with experienced investors from the logistics industry. The headquarters with our team, which now consists of several members, is located in the heart of the Austrian capital Vienna.

Together we are working on the task of developing a solution with Heylog that enables efficient and error-free communication for the logistics industry.

Heylog offers a work environment with flat hierarchies and a strong corporate culture where every member of our team feels valued and supported.

Together, we work every day to solve our customers' problems.

Our values

We are optimistic

We know that we are bringing new products and ideas to market that have never been seen before. Optimism for the future and our work is a core value at Heylog, because only teams with a positive attitude can change the future for the better.

We are curious

We are aware that we do not know what we do not know. Every day we want to learn and understand a little more about our environment. Only then can we question and improve things from the ground up.

We are committed to a just and fair workplace

Our work environment is free of racism, sexism and discrimination. We believe that a diverse team not only creates a pleasant working environment, but is also better at finding new solutions to current problems.

We value personal development

We not only work on innovative products and exciting ideas, but also on ourselves as a team and on ourselves personally. That's why personal development plays a crucial role at Heylog.

We make courageous decisions and take responsibility

In an industry characterized by constant change, we sometimes have to make bold decisions. Even if we don't always agree on everything, we take individual and shared responsibility and stand behind our decisions without losing sight of our common goals.

Our investors

Heylog was founded with strategic investors from the logistics and corporate venture building sectors. With their in-depth industry expertise, they not only support us strategically, but also contribute their knowledge to the company operationally.

Heylog is the communication service for modern logistics. We help to keep the overview and to make the right decisions.
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