Stay connected with your dispatching team via WhatsApp & Co.

With Heylog, you can continue using your favorite messengers like WhatsApp, but you're deeply integrated into ongoing logistics processes - without having to install new apps.

Smart features for your everyday life as a reliable driver

We understand that drivers don't want to download a new app for every new client. That's why we make WhatsApp & Co. compatible with logistics, so that you are easily connected with dispatchers.

Automatic translation in 17+ languages

Support for all message types

Status updates at the touch of a button

Paperless document transmission

Advantages for drivers

Full concentration on transport

You can transmit info like messages, documents and locations to dispatch with just a few clicks on your smartphone, allowing you to fully concentrate on the transport.

No additional apps necessary

With Heylog, you can continue to write via your favorite messaging services without any disposition or privacy issues.

Always in the best connection

Because we involve multiple dispatchers in the process, you can be sure you'll always have a contact person to answer your questions and step in when problems arise.

Effortlessly get started with Heylog

Receive an SMS or scan a QR code

You will either receive an SMS with an invitation link or scan a QR code to start a new conversation. This step only needs to be done once.

Select your desired messaging service

You can choose whether you want to communicate with WhatsApp or another messaging service. Heylog remembers your choice.

Start the conversation - let's go!

As a driver, you send and receive messages as usual in WhatsApp & Co.

The dispatcher automatically gets all your messages, along with other shipment data, displayed directly in the Heylog interface.

You both save time and effort.

Selected opinions about Heylog

"Heylog makes life easier for drivers and reduces communication barriers in day-to-day logistics operations"

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"We use Heylog every day. It makes our everyday life much easier."

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Frequently asked questions

Do drivers need to install a new app?

No. One of our goals with Heylog is to make communication as easy and stress-free as possible for drivers.

That's why Heylog doesn't have an app that drivers have to install. Instead, drivers receive either a QR code or a text message to get started communicating immediately via WhatsApp & Co. , while dispatchers use Heylog for ongoing communication.

Is the data transmission secure?

Yes. All data is stored by Heylog securely and encrypted in application and data servers in the European Union under high security standards.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, we want to give all our customers the opportunity to test Heylog without any obligation to understand if and how we can best fit into their everyday life. If you are interested in finding out how Heylog works, you can contact our sales team.

Can drivers also submit updates to dispatchers?

Yes, and with just a few clicks. With Heylog, drivers can concentrate fully on the transport and transmit all relevant information such as documents and locations paperlessly via their smartphone.

Do you have any questions?

Elias Eshaghbeigi will be very happy to help you.

Everyday life in logistics is complex enough

Make the right decisions quickly with Heylog

We help you stay on top of things by collecting, organizing, and analyzing all ongoing driver conversations, from any messaging service, in one central location for you to make the right decisions every time.

Heylog is the communication service for modern logistics. We help to keep the overview and to make the right decisions.
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