Simple transport communication for freight forwarders

Freight forwarding companies rely on simple and transparent transport communication solutions from Heylog. Keep all parties involved informed at all times - from the external driver to the customer, without lengthy communication chains.

Heylog for freight forwarders

Forwarding companies with many transport management teams and dispatchers use Heylog primarily for communication with external transport partners and drivers.

Heylog simplifies collaboration along the supply chain and helps to successfully master current challenges:

Labor shortages in logistics and difficulties in recruiting qualified employees.

Shifting authority from transportation managers to drivers

Language barrier when communicating with external transport partners in other language countries.

Innovation skepticism and complexity of internal processes.

Solutions for freight forwarders

No additional driver app necessary

Drivers use their usual communication services such as WhatsApp & Co..

Relieving the workload of the scheduling teams

Reduce workload and help dispatch teams manage labor shortages.

Direct accessibility of external drivers

Optimization of the information flow between forwarding agents, dispatchers and drivers to avoid "silent mail".

Real-time translation in 17+ languages

Reduce language barriers and promote efficient communication among all stakeholders.

Central information platform

Easy collaboration between transport managers, drivers, clients and other stakeholders along the supply chain.

Integration with existing TMS

Flexible integration via API into transport management, telematics and third-party systems Adaptation to individual requirements.

Guest function with read rights

The guest function allows you to invite external people to Heylog to read along in a conversation. No write permissions and no other chats viewable.

Quick access to important documents

Important documents such as PODs can be quickly and easily submitted by drivers via photo.

Answer questions anytime and anywhere

With the Heylog Dispo App, dispatchers can continue chats and quickly answer questions on the go.

Advantages in everyday logistics with Heylog

Heylog supports freight forwarders with simple solutions to improve communication and organization in transport management.

Higher efficiency in the execution of transports

Reduction of language barriers

High acceptance of the communication solution among drivers

Minimization of delivery problems

Strengthen your market position now with Heylog and grow successfully.

LKW WALTER relies on simple transport communication

Read our case study to find out how LKW WALTER uses Heylog for simple transport communication and which functions relieve LKW WALTER's teams in their daily work.
Heylog is the communication service for modern logistics. We help to keep the overview and to make the right decisions.
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