Reach your drivers reliably on the road

Heylog helps simplifying ongoing communication and collaboration across the supply chain with digital solutions.


For dispatchers

In the central Heylog communication solution, the entire dispatch team finds all ongoing driver conversations to reliably exchange information along the supply chain.

For truck drivers

With Heylog, drivers can efficiently use their preferred channels to communicate on the go without having to install an additional app on their smartphone.

We help to keep the overview and to make the right decisions

No additional driver app required

Drivers simply use WhatsApp & Co. as usual without having to install any other apps.

Team collaboration

Regardless of who is on duty, everyone has access to all ongoing conversations.

All conversations centrally stored and evaluated

All messages are stored and archived centrally in Heylog in compliance with data protection regulations so that they can be evaluated and analyzed within the team.

Heylog is not a part-time solution - respond to questions at any time

Keep the conversation going with your drivers around the clock - all chats and contacts can be found in your Heylog Dispo app. Available for Android & iOS.

LKW WALTER relies on simple transport communication

Read our case study to find out how LKW WALTER uses Heylog for simple transport communication and which functions relieve LKW WALTER's teams in their daily work.

Your daily logistics routine with Heylog

Save up to 25% time per shipment thanks to functioning transport communication

Experience shows that internal as well as external stakeholders along the supply chain - drivers, subcontractors and customers - are not sufficiently integrated into ongoing transport communication. This results in errors, unclear communication, and gaps in workflows.

We help dispatch reliably share information internally and externally by solving the following problems:

Lack of overview of chats, shipments and documents from the various channels

No information about the current location of the shipment or the foreseeable time of arrival (ETA).

Manual translation and formulation of messages

Time-consuming analysis and development of action protocols for the team

No information about the current location of the shipment or the foreseeable time of arrival (ETA).

Selected opinions about Heylog

"Heylog makes life easier for drivers and reduces communication barriers in day-to-day logistics operations"

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"We use Heylog every day. It makes our everyday life much easier."

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Heylog is the communication service for modern logistics. We help to keep the overview and to make the right decisions.
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